Page 9 - December 2017
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designs would not have enough in
                                             it to set a reasonable passage of
       5: Impact: There are plenty
       of bold condensed sans faces to
       choose from, but I like Impact for
       its clean look and consistency.       7: A Case of Border Units
       Grotesque No.9 is very nice,          & Fleurons in 12pt: When
       almost as black in overall effect,    it comes to having as many
       and has classic English grotesque     opportunities to be creative
       lettershapes with more curves,        as possible, geometric border
       but Impact is the cooler more         units and fleurons can hardly be
       modern-looking. Even better if it     surpassed. I’d sacrifice one case
       comes with the matching outline       of type to have them. On the other
       version. It’s best in bigger sizes,   hand, if borders etc. are going
       for the small ones don’t show up      to be thrown in anyway, as a
       as noticeably different from other    seventh face, I’d want a Modern:
       designs, so this would be a case      The Romans are too often seen to
       of 36pt.                              tempt me, so it has to be an italic.
                                             Much as I like Modern No.20 and
                                             Torino (from Nebiolo), it has to be
                                             Scotch Roman for the lovely f, w,
       6: Black Letter: Black letter         2 and 3, in 18pt to show them off.
       was of course the original type         Now normally I’d think of types
       style, but now virtually unused for   in terms of what other ones (and
       text as readers are so unfamiliar     sizes) I’d have to use beside them,
       with it. But it can be beautiful in   but I haven’t done that here on
       texture on the page, and is far       the whole. Nor have I thought
       more calligraphic than Romans.        about what I’d be printing, which
       Unfortunately the most common         again has a bearing on what
       Black Letters (especially Light       typeface to choose: for example,
       English Text) are dreadful – light    whether it should be unassuming
       in texture, wide-spaced, pretty       and unobtrusive, or eye-catching
       characterless – as a result of        and brash. N ow if I was having
       trying to be more legible to          to write ‘Help’ on the beach in
       modern readers. (Fair enough, if      stones, should I do it in trendy
       that’s what is needed in context.)    Gill Sans Light or bolder Helvetica
       Of the easier to obtain faces,        Medium? The latter would be
       Goudy Text is elegant and gives a     more likely to be seen, but being
       good overall effect, but some of      me, I’d rather do something
       the older German ones are quite       more interesting. How about Gill
       magnificent. Black Letter is best     Cameo Ruled (that would be clear
       in a larger size, so I’d go for 18pt   enough), or even Gallia—any
       Goudy Text, since a single case       passing plane would be bound to
       of larger sizes of more striking      investigate.
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