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|  Our thanks to Chris Green and Ron Rookes |

       I                                     huge thank-you to both Chris and Ron
         wish to take you back to the Executive
         Council meeting that took place on
                                             for all their time and help in providing us
         Saturday 10 October 2015. We had
                                             magazine for the past two years.
       reached item 17 on the agenda – Small   with an interesting and nicely designed
       Printer Editor. Tim Honnor and Giles     We now offer a huge
       Edwards were both nearing the end     welcome to our new
       of their term of office as Editor and
       Designer respectively.                Editorial team, Tim Vernon
         The Council had approached a couple   and Mike Edwards.
       of Society members asking if they would   With immediate effect,
       be willing to stand, but each had declined   please send all items for
       because of other commitments.
         Ron Rookes, who was a member of the   publication to Tim at editor@
       EC at the time, said he would be willing or by post to
       to help with the design. The suggestion   28 Cottage Gardens, Great
       was put forward that Chris Green, who
       had previously been the Editor for almost   Billing, Northampton, NN3
       100 issues of the magazine, should be   9YW. Mike can be contacted
       approached.                           at
         I telephoned Chris, who was on holiday
       in Cornwall, and asked if he could help us     I am sure you will join with me in
       out. After a short discussion he agreed   thanking them for volunteering, and we
       to take on the task for two years, which   look forward to our future copies of Small
       brings us up to date.                 Printer.
       On behalf of the society, I wish to say a            Jean Watson, President

                      Publishing Group Annual 2016
                              ‘Outrageous Fonts’

                                           £7.50 including UK Postage

                                        £9.75 including Overseas Postage

                                          Purchase via the website at

                                           or send cheque payable to
                                            BPS Publishing Group
                                                 to Ron Rookes

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