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|  A Fleet Street Rag   |                                  |   Continued  |

       On that occasion Berthold despatched the   boarded the prison ship Hive along
       shop assistant on an errand to another part   with 249 other criminals, and arrived in
       of the warehouse and was then observed   Australia on Wednesday 11 June, after a
       winding a feather boa around his fi st and   sea voyage of fi ve months. He was 33 years
       concealing the bundle inside his top hat.   old. First settled in 1821, Port Macquarie
       The item was valued at twenty-six shillings   had a reputation as a hellish destination.
       according to court papers (which still exist).   The fi rst prison governor, Francis Allman,
       The salesman who witnessed the theft   was notorious for fl ogging prisoners for
       summoned a policeman, and Berthold was   petty off ences. Possession of paper and
       arrested on 21 October 1833 for shoplifting.  writing materials was punishable by 100
         He was tried at the Old Bailey for simple   lashes under Allman’s regime. By the time
       larceny, having spent six weeks in prison.   Berthold arrived the penal settlement had
       He pleaded innocence, claiming that   been largely run down. From 1,500 convicts
       he was a man of important status, and   in 1825 the population had fallen to around
       showed letters from the King, the Dukes of   500 at the time of his arrival. Henry
       Kent and Gloucester, Lord Stanhope and   Berthold died halfway through his sentence
       the Duke of Wellington. In his defence,   in Port Macquarie Hospital, aged 37. The
       Berthold said “This is the fi rst time in my   cause of his death is not recorded.
       life I was ever charged with felony . . .     Newspaper tax was eventually abolished
       remember that Godlike maxim, that it is   in 1855, with paper duty repealed six years
       safer for ninety-nine guilty to escape rather   later. By the end of the 19th century most
       than one innocent should be punished.” It   of the popular newspaper titles cost just
       was all to no avail – he was sentenced to   one penny, making quality journalism
       seven years transportation.           aff ordable for the fi rst time in the relatively
         On Wednesday 15 January 1834 Berthold   short history of newspaper publishing.

       |  Society Instagram  |                        |  Katherine Anteney   (10784)  |

           his summer the Society set up     Branches around the country. So, if
           its own Instagram account. If you   your Branch has been on an interesting
       Tuse Instagram you can follow us      day out and seen something fabulous,
       at @brit_print_soc. If you are unsure   please take a photo and email it to me at
       what Instagram is you can read a very Put in a
       interesting article all about it in the July   sentence of information for me and I will
       2017 Small Printer.                   share it with the world*. We currently
         The account is administered by Jean   have 360 followers spread across the
       Watson and we post photos of letterpress   globe.
       and society-related things, images of     *if you are sending photos featuring
       Publishing Group prints, etc., and also   Branch members or guest speakers,
       ‘repost’ photos of work in progress that   please let them know they are being
       other members have posted.            shared with the world – otherwise,
         We should really like to show our   pictures of non-human presses, type and
       followers what is going on in our     prints, etc., are equally perfect!
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