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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

            nother year is almost over. You’ve   printeries, and she offers this as ‘the most
            probably already started to      remote in the world’ – can you beat this?
       A‘populate’ (to use one of the new ‘in’-    You may recall that last month’s Bundle
       words) your 2018 diary. My own Branch,   included a list of equipment and type that
       Surrey & Sussex, held its AGM yesterday   was available for sale. I’m pleased to report
       and we planned our 2018 programme. You   that Mrs Hudson has sold several of the
       should see the results on page 285. It may   machines and much of the type, and she
       come as a surprise to see how many Book   has expressed her thanks to the purchasers
       and Print Fairs are already listed in the BPS   and to the Society in general.
       Diary – and I hope that Branch Secretaries     Turning now to the back pages of this
       up and down the country will add to this   magazine, I draw your attention to the
       list with their own meetings. Do remember   notice about the Convention that is now
       that all Branch meetings are open to all   only a matter of months away. If you
       Society members; but it is prudent to check   intend going to Bournemouth and taking
       first with the Secretary to confirm the   part in what promises to be a weekend to
       details.                              remember, then I urge you to complete a
         On page 276 is the first offering in what   Booking Form and send it off.
       I hope will be a series – Desert Island Diss.     You may know by now (if you don’t,
       I take no credit for either the idea or the   you will after you have read the piece in
       name: I found this in a BPS ‘Magazine   red on page 275) that Tim Vernon and
       Working Party Report’ dated April 1966.   Mike Edwards will have taken over as
       The Report is an interesting read –   the new editorial team by the time you
       one of the points made in it is that ‘an   have read this. Many of you will know of
       editorial team is essential for the future’.   Mike: currently Branch Secretary of the
       Rather ironic that it took over 45 years to   Lincolnshire & District Branch, he has
       implement this!                       looked after the website and the advertising
         Two articles in this issue are at opposite   during his time with the Society. Tim’s
       ends of the ‘public communication’    name might not be so familiar, but he has
       spectrum. On the following page, in another   a professional printing background and a
       of his informative articles, Bob Richardson   wealth of printing experience. You are in
       tells of the early days of newspapers,   good hands!
       government taxation, and the ingenious     For my final words, I can think of nothing
       method that one person dreamt up to avoid   better than the traditional message of
       paying it; immediately following, Katherine   wishing you a very pleasant Christmas and
       Anteney brings us right up to date with the   sending my good wishes for a peaceful and
       Society Instagram account.            enjoyable New Year.
         Another offering from Katherine
       describes, in fascinating detail, her visit to a   Views expressed by individual authors are
       printing office in the Falkland Islands. Over   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       the past couple of years we have published   All advertisements are accepted in
       articles from members about some far-flung   good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Harrild & Sons Bremner   the goods sold from the advertisements
       platen press. See article on page 278 by   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       Katherine Anteney.                    statements in any advertisement.
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