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                                             and lockup of keepsakes less critical. I also
                                             had a display of beautiful printing from the
                                             Workshop Press of Mark Arman, who was
                                             a long-time resident of Thaxted and had his
                                             press only yards away from the church. It
                                             was nice to meet several people who had
                                             known him and share reminiscences.
                                               Finally Len Friend had brought the
                                             most entertaining press of the day,
                                             an impressive-looking Ajax Major. The
                                             entertainment, for the rest of us, was to
                                             watch Len struggling to get it working
                                             properly, utilising a variety of tools and
                                             curses as the patent Ajax self-adjusting
                                             screws kept coming undone. At one stage
                                             the rollers even travelled up underneath
                                             the ink disc! If we come back next year I
      Alan demonstrates the Adana Quarto
                                             suspect he will be back on the Farley proof
       I find this press very convenient for   press.
       demonstrations as it is open, visible and,              Alan Brignull  (4800)
       er, horizontal, which makes justification

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                                                           10% OFF
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                                                          YOUR FIRST
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