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Branch Reports

       Essex Branch
       October Meeting

             ver the years the Essex Branch
             Roadshow has met in a variety
       Oof locations; marquees, halls,
       collapsible (and collapsing) pergolas,
       but never anywhere as magnificent and
       historic as the parish church of St John
       the Baptist with Our Lady and St Laurence,
       Thaxted. It’s huge, ancient, and has been
       called the finest parish church in the
       country — no wonder it needs three
       patron saints.
         This was our second visit to the annual
       craft fair. I’m told by those who were
       there that last year’s was better attended
       but this was still a sizeable event, filling
       the large church with an interesting     Mike printing beermats on the Adana 8x5
       assortment of skilled workers, this area
       of northwest Essex being historically   Rothenstein and many others.
       associated with craftspeople and artists.     Nine members attended, bringing four
       Gustav Holst lived just down the road   presses which had a table each in the
       and nearby Great Bardfield was home to   south aisle. Mine was directly over the
       Edward Bawden, Eric Ravilious, Michael   memorial stone of James Soulby of Little
                                             Easton, who died in 1841. Thank you,
                                               Ron and Margaret Rookes had a
                                             gleaming Adana 8-5, fresh from Ron’s
                                             restoration workshop (even the nuts and
                                             bolts had been cleaned and painted)
                                             printing Glint-ornamented beer mats,
                                             with a selection of BPS publications for
                                             distribution and sale. Next was Mike
                                             Perry’s equally immaculate 8-5 printing
                                             souvenir beermats. We were pleased
                                             to receive a visit from Chris and Jenny
                                             Brinson. While Chris was not able to be
                                             printing on the day he had been busy
                                             in advance producing commemorative
                                               On the next table was the old faithful
           Len with the mighty Ajax          Horizontal Quarto of the Hedgehog Press.
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