Page 16 - December 2017
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Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Council of the British
                   Printing Society held on Saturday 3rd June, 2017
                      from 10.15 a.m. at The Raven Hotel, Hook.

         This is an edited version of the minutes. If you would like to know the wording in the
         full minutes, or would like an explanation of EC deliberations or policy, please apply in
         writing to the President, Jean Watson.
         Jean Watson President  (in the chair); Paul Hatcher Vice President; Peter Salisbury
         Secretary; Robin Munday Treasurer; Libby Green Councillor; Ron Watson Councillor; Win
         Armand Smith PG Councillor

         The President welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Win Armand Smith and
         Libby Green who were elected at the Annual General Meeting in April.  Roderic Findlay,
         who gave his apologies for his absence had also been elected but was unable to attend.
         The Minutes of the meetings held on 21st January 2017 on 21st April 2017 were agreed
         and signed by the President and the Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting were
         approved ready to be presented at next year’s Annual General Meeting.
         Following the presentation by the proposed Bristol Branch at the Annual General
         Meeting requesting the formation of a new Bristol Branch the Council unanimously
         agreed to approve this application.
         An email had been received by the President from Katherine Anteney offering to set up
         an Instagram account and assist with Social Media.
         It was agreed to add Paul Hatcher (Vice President) as a signatory to the Society’s Bank
         The Secretary reported that the three year term for Non-Executive Officers had been
         overlooked in past and that after the three years the appointment should be advertised
         in Small Printer (the current office holder was welcome to reapply).  In future the expiry
         year would be included in the Membership List for information.
         The Treasurer presented the accounts up to the end of April 2017.  Since 2004 the
         allowance for lunch and refreshments for those attending EC meetings has been £7 per
         head.  It was agreed to increase this to £12 per head.
         The Mailer had contacted the Secretary saying that he was resigning as Mailer.  An
         advertisement for a replacement was included in the June edition of Small Printer.  Tony
         Jewell responded to the advertisement to become Mailer and his offer was gratefully
         The Membership Secretary had contacted the Secretary saying that she was resigning
         from the end of August.  An advertisement for a replacement would be included in
         Small Printer.
         The final accounts of the 2017 Convention were presented.  The South Wales Branch
         was thanked for hosting an excellent Convention.
         The Dorset Branch has the preparations for the 2018 Convention well in hand and 12
         bookings made to date.
         The Lincolnshire & District Branch had offered to arrange the 2019 Convention.  The
         offer had been gratefully received.
         The Date of next meeting 14th October 2017 10.15 a.m. at The Raven Hotel, Hook.

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