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out compositors in 1893, might furnish   together, and were again reinstated as
       some entertaining reading to the      one companionship, so that everything
       members of the St Bride’s Institute.”   looked promising and a great triumph
       [sic] In 1903 the ‘members’ would, of   for Labour.” Unfortunately he concludes
       course, have been training to enter the   that without advertising and with the
       print trades themselves.              “envy and jealousies of your own class”
         The paper’s content consisted       the radical paper “slowly but surely
       mainly of reports of meetings in      declined” until it was bought, ironically,
       support of the locked-out men, and    by Viscount Rothermere, founder of the
       these took place regularly all over the   Daily Mail, “the original stockholders
       Glasgow area, together with reports   receiving back a first and final dividend
       of other union meetings nationwide,   of 4 shillings in the pound.” The
       editorials on various subjects including   compositors auld enemy, the Evening
       parliamentary debates, letters to the   Citizen, enjoyed a somewhat longer life,
       editor (in which one person describes   folding in 1974.
       the Echo as ‘a plucky little sheet’),
       satirical reports from the pickets
       outside the Citizen offices (including
       a gleeful piece on one of the scab
       compositors who was jailed for 40
       days following a drunken assault on
       his wife), a would-be amusing sketch
       column, a serialised short story (Ralph
       Macpherson: A Story of the Clyde,
       by Mungo Tinto). With issue 4 the
       inevitable football and other sports
       reports began to appear. The back page
       was taken up by adverts and classified
       notices. Piscatorial Notes, a column
       on fishing and fish farming written by
       ‘Captain Cuttle’, were introduced close
       to the end of its run.
         It makes for some rather dry reading
       today, and with its tiny type a slightly
       painful one; though the editorial in issue
       5 (18 January) shows how little has
       changed since 1893 and the current
       recession. “When all, or nearly all of the
       material wealth of the country flows
       into the pockets of the few, need we
       wonder that among the many there is
       a scant provision of the necessaries, let
       alone the comforts of life.”          John Rankin is front-of-house manager
         The letter-writer “I.E.” noted “All   and bar supervisor at the Bridewell
       the locked-out men had been kept      Theatre, London.
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