Page 13 - December 2017
P. 13

pages on racks waiting ready to be    Russell, New Zealand; see the May 2017
       printed.                              Small Printer
         Whilst I was in Stanley I heard tell of     Port Stanley (lat. 51° 40’ S) is certainly
       another small print shop, this one set up   much further south than Russell (lat. 35°
       by the local Catholic priest, who used it to   16’ S)
       print his church newsletters. From what
       I was told it sounded like he had a small
       desktop press. Rumour had it that the
       whole set-up was still in the attic of the
       Priest’s House and the current incumbent
       probably didn’t know of its existence. It
       was a tantalising thought – going to seek
       out this press and the type –  but I just
       didn’t have time to make the contacts.
       Something to go back for!

         Katharine may be referring to the
       article about the Pompallier Printery, in          Wood Display Type
       |  A note about membership renewal  | |  Membership Secretary  |

            ou may recall that in last month’s   into envelopes; the envelopes have to be
            magazine I passed on the         stamped; and an address label has to be
       Yinteresting fact that about 20% of   stuck on.
       the membership renews in December.       I produce sheets of labels from the
       If you are one of those then you should   membership database and send them
       have received a ‘blue’ notice last month,   to the Mailer. As he needs them by the
       and if you have not yet renewed your   25th of each month my aim is to post
       membership there will be a ‘red’ one in   them no later than the 20th or 21st – this
       this magazine.                        allows for an intervening weekend or for
          Getting a copy of Small Printer to   a postal delay.
       each member is a somewhat time-          I’m gradually getting to the whole point
       consuming and laborious business.     of this message. From the above you
       Society guidelines state that each    will see that any membership renewals
       member should receive a copy of the   for the current month that are notifi ed
       magazine within the fi rst week of the   or sent to me after the 20th will not
       month. Tony Jewell, the Society Mailer,   be included in the general mailing,
       generally does far better than that and   as a label will not be printed for that
       it is not uncommon for the magazine to   membership. However, if I receive a
       land on your doorstep before the end   membership renewal after that date then
       of the previous month. In order for this   I shall put a copy of the magazine in the
       to happen the magazines have to be    post – although this will not happen
       collated with any Bundle items and put   until at least the fi rst week of the month.

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