Page 12 - December 2017
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|  The Most Remote Printing Offi  ce |                       |  Continued  |

       of the larger (more monotonous) routine   came to an end in 2006 when the service
       jobs – which apprentices are normally   was privatized.
       spared – and I am yet to hear him       The Printing offi  ce houses a huge
       complain.”                            Wharfedale Press that possibly only
         The post of government Head Printer   needs the hands of a knowledgeable BPS
                                             member to get it chugging into action.
                                             There is also an old treadle-operated
                                             Platen press, which may be one of the
                                             original presses from John Nixon’s days.
                                             There was no information on it but I am
                                             sure someone will identify it from the
                                               There were blocks in cases and just
                                             lying on worktops for advertising and
                                             printing menus for the local hotel.
                                             Penguins were much in evidence as they
                                             are everywhere in the islands. There were
             Wharfedale Press                chases of whole locked-up newspaper

                        Publicity Officer

          As social media becomes ever more important to companies, and
                         with various aspects being used by
                  the BPS, the time has come to look once again at
                             the role of Publicity Officer.
            This appointment will require the member to monitor what is
           happening within the printing trade, via magazines, social media,
           etc. This information can then be brought to the attention of the
                    members through the Small Printer magazine.

              In addition, the various activities within the Society can be
          publicised in these same areas, which will keep the BPS in front of
                          the various bodies in the industry.
          There is also the opportunity to publish advance notice of Society
                   events in local free newspapers or online media.
            For a complete job description, please contact the Secretary,
                     Peter Salisbury, at

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