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Falkland Islands Government Printing   that resulted in 100 MPs signing a motion
       offi  ce – all gleaned from information   calling on the British Government once
       panels in the museum.                 and for all to assert that the Islanders
                                             were British and would not be transferred
                                             against their wishes to an alien land.
                                               In 1983 he printed the document
                                             conferring the Freedom of the Falkland
                                             Islands on Margaret Thatcher following
                                             the 1982 confl ict. He fi nally retired
                                             in 1988 after 50 years’ service to the
                                             Printing Offi  ce.
                                               The next Head Printer was Tony
                                             Petterson, whose gt-grandfather Axel,
                                             a Swedish sailor, spent six weeks in
                                             1899 trying to leave the islands, failing
              Printing blocks                repeatedly to sail around Cape Horn. He
         In 1858 John Nixon arrived in Stanley.   eventually gave in and settled in Stanley,
       He was one of the Falkland Islands    marrying a local girl. Before taking to
       Detachment of Pensioners (that is, retired   sea Axel had worked at a family printing
       from the army) and was appointed as   press back in Sweden so ink obviously ran
       the fi rst government printer in 1874. At   in the blood.
       that point the Government printing offi  ce     Tony had been appointed as a Learner
       was located on the Dockyard. There was   in the Printing Offi  ce in 1959 and for the
       no information of what presses were in   duration of his probationary period ‘and/
       the islands at that time but they were   or [he] became 15 years of age’ earned
       obviously all hand- or pedal-operated,   £10 10s per month. Whilst Tony was an
       as the presses were not connected to   apprentice Joe King had written to the
       the power grid until 1948. John Nixon   Colonial Secretary “This boy has shown
       retired as head printer in 1883 and died   great promise during his probationary
       of dropsy in 1888. In 1908 the Printing   period; is an intelligent studious worker
       Offi  ce moved location to the Secretariat,   and with the staff  shortages prevailing
       just a short distance up the road.    in this offi  ce has had to help with many
         In 1938 Joe King started a fi ve-year
       apprenticeship at the Government
       Printing Offi  ce. He was appointed to the
       post of Head Printer in 1959. During
       those years he was responsible for the
       installation of the Wharfedale press and
       in 1963 he travelled to London to source
       a new linotype machine, which arrived
       in the Islands the following year. He
       was responsible for printing historically
       important documents such as The
       Falklands Councillors’ Appeal to the
       British Government in 1968, an appeal                   Chases
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