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|  The Most Remote Printing Offi  ce  ||  Katherine Anteney (10784)  |

        - in the World?

       A                                     early life in the islands, Shackleton’s
             few months ago I read an
                                             failed expedition in Antarctica, and also
             interesting article in Small Printer
             about what the writer assumed
                                             confl ict. There is an excellent natural
       to be the most Southerly printing offi  ce   a very moving fi lm piece about the 1982
       in the world . I’m no expert on latitudes   history section where a huge Royal
       but I think I can claim to have visited the   Albatross ‘fl ies’, its wing tips reaching
       most remote printing offi  ce in the world   fl oor to ceiling.
       earlier this year  .                    Outside the main building is a small
                                             courtyard of old Dockyard buildings
                                             that have been renovated. One is a
                                             little café, one is a very interesting little
                                             museum devoted to the Island Telephone
                                             Exchange, and yet another is home to a
                                             very interesting man who deals in stamps
                                             and coins. Falkland Island stamps are
                                             highly collectible, it seems.
                                               And then there was another building
                                             standing alone that caught my eye. The
                                             door was closed but the sign read . . . THE
                                             PRINTING OFFICE.
             The Printing Office               I let myself in and was greeted by a
         I was very lucky to be awarded a    complete printshop – presses, randoms
       Shackleton Quality of Life Scholarship   full of type, cases of advertising printing
       in 2016. The award constituted a three-  blocks. It was as if the overseer and his
       week trip to the Falkland Islands where I   men had turned off  the machines and just
       would be teaching printmaking to people   stepped out. Rollers were on slabs and
       in Stanley and further out in ‘camp’ (i.e.
       anywhere that isn’t Stanley).
         The Falkland Islands are a totally
       astounding and beautiful place, and I
       could write a whole magazine about the
       things I saw and experienced there (if
       you want to read my report I’m happy to
       email it to you!). All I’ll say is if you get
       the chance to go, grab it with both hands.
         While in Stanley I spent a day at the
       Historic Dockyard Museum, which was
       reopened after a refurbishment in 2014.
       It’s a really impressive little museum for          Composing Table
       a country whose inhabitants only number   odds and ends of type were out on the
       3,000 but whose population can be more   surfaces. The only thing missing was wet
       than doubled on the day a large cruise   ink.
       ship comes in. It houses exhibitions about     Here follows a short history of the
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