Page 7 - August 2017
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contributions, but it is good to see some   Paper
       producing some alternative, off-centred   Some of the under-inking problems may
       approaches.                           be down to trying to print letterpress on
         Text type sizes and line lengths vary,   unsympathetic paper stock. Generally
       not unexpectedly with the number of   papers designed for the inkjet or
       contributors. Some have kept to the   laser printer will not perform well for
       general rule of thumb of not more than   letterpress printing. Choice of stock
       11-13 words to a line, beyond which   is as important as typeface and ink to
       the reader gives up as it is too diffi cult   produce a printed page that you can
       to follow the line, especially when   be proud of. Grain direction should run
       the type is of small point size. Others   down the page. I know this is tricky if it is
       have balanced their text type size and   already running down the A4 sheet you
       line length and some have pushed      are cutting from, but please try to get
       boundaries as to what size of type    the grain direction correct as it makes
       works as a text type.                 for such a different feel when turning the
       Inking                                book pages.
         Getting ink on the page evenly and     The content made for some fascinating
       cleanly is always a challenge. One can   reading: I am now much more
       blame the paper, the temperature on   knowledgeable about font architecture
       the day, the age of the ink, the age of   in far-fl ung churches, and it was good
       the type . . . We have both ends of the   to see some of these outrageous letters
       spectrum (sorry!) here with some skilled   emerge for a quick frolic, and especially
       inking of a large areas of black to some   good to have representation from our
       rather poorly under-inked offerings (at   National Treasure the St Bride Library.
       least in my copy). Great to see such a     This is a ‘show off ‘ publication for PG
       range of coloured inks – typography   members, so use it to show off what
       does not have to be black, and I loved   you can do to delight other printing
       the grey and navy combination.        afi cionados.

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