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|  The Publishing Group Annual 2016 | |   Claire Bolton  |

            his is the annual production of the   by name but have decided to comment
            members of the Publishing Group.   more generally on the design of the
       TThis year 22 of the 31 members       pages and the skills in getting ink on the
       contributed, all designing and printing   page of the participants. My apologies if
       a page or more for this small book. The   I am preaching to the converted.
       2016 theme was Outrageous Fonts.        Learn the rules fi rst and then, as
         The word ‘fonts’ may act like a red   you continue to learn, break the rules
       rag to a bull to the more letterpress-  joyfully.
       orientated of us, and indeed the      Design
       collection brought us three images of     The PG Annual alternates its A5
       fonts (one from Salisbury Cathedral, one   format from landscape to portrait each
       from Bag Enderby church, Lincolnshire   year. 2016 is a Portrait year. Whichever
       and one from Luppitt church in Devon)   the orientation, A5 is not the friendliest
       as well as another contribution which   page size for design, especially when
       thoughtfully explained the difference   allowing extra margin for a comb
       between fount and font. Readers take   binding. The unprinted space left on
       note. Seven contributors provided digital   the page is as important as the printed
       offerings, so were well within the terms   text areas. Some contributors have
       of the title. The remainder (and the   allowed generous margins to set off
       majority), I am delighted to say, ignored   their printing, others have been more
       the digital implications of the title and   miserly – I think to the detraction of
       showed off their most outrageous      the printing – and one has splendidly,
       letterpress type.                     and very successfully, ignored margins
         The variety of approach and         altogether. One contributor solved the
       interpretation of the theme is always   A5 problem by happily expanding the
       one of the keys to the success of the PG   page.
       Annual and this year is no exception. I     The page layout is traditionally
       am not going to pick out contributors   centred for over two-thirds of the

              Owen Legg                Mike Perry           Margaret Rookes
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