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by Margaret Rookes is the stuff of    by previous printers. But often it’s
       nightmares, and Ron Rookes displayed   good to be outrageous, or daring,
       a list of outrages that pushed legibility   dazzling, audacious and fl amboyant
       to the limit in a most satisfying way. I   (Elizabeth Fraser and John Holmes)!
       wonder whether, like the Victorian fat-  And sometimes this impact can be
       faces, these too will be resurrected with   made by . . . just not being there. Owen
       glee in a hundred years’ time? Maybe   Legg’s ghost font is as ingenious as it is
       not. John Miller found non-text fonts   absent.
       of Banksy graffi ti and single-handed     For baptismal font collectors,
       signing – there’s more than one way   there are three in this annual: a most
       to communicate . . . Terry Shapland’s   unchristian looking Luppitt font, an
       seemingly innocent and fl owery        octagonal medieval font in Bag Enderby,
       ‘Sybarite’ font included a surprise moral   and a stunning contemporary font in
       warning, with the take-home message   Salisbury Cathedral (Paul Hatcher, John
       that you should not teach your horses   Miller, Jean Watson). All are outrageous
       to dance to music. All the more horrifi c   in different ways.
       for being typeset in Curlz MT. Ugh!     So who had the audacity to include
         Rebus was a new one on me. It was   the swastika border? Find out for
       wittily displayed by Win Armand Smith,   yourself as the Annual is now available
       who showed its riddle-like quality    for sale at just £7.50 at www.bpsnet.
       without in fact using any actual Rebus !
       (which, she tells me, is a Victorian     Claire Bolton, print historian and
       dingbat typeface) at all. I particularly   former BPS and PG member, has kindly
       loved the fi sh-head eyes (I’s).       written a review with a more detailed
         A font can be outrageous if it’s    approach to the ins and outs of printing
       missing some characters (Peter        a contribution to this kind of annual,
       White issues a plea for missing       which is full of useful advice.
       sorts) or if it’s been horribly abused

             Chris. Brinson         Elizabeth Fraser          Paul Hatcher
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