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|  OutrageousFonts: |                              |  Rachel Marsh (10663)  |

       The 2016 Publishing Group Annual

            he topic of the 2016 Publishing   happy discovery at St Bride’s springs
            Group Annual was ‘Outrageous     to mind), others described the woes of
       TFonts’ – a subject that has          eBay (Alan Brignull and Paul Hatcher),
       the potential to raise the hackles    then there are the Figgins Ornamented
       of typography purists. Fortunately,   Initial Fragments, allowing Victorian
       Publishing Group members are a broad-  printers to ‘create his own typographic
       minded and eclectic bunch and the     horrors’ (I want some!) plus fascinating
       subject was interpreted in the broadest   insights on Pouchée and other delights
       possible manner and with a certain    from St Bride Library (Bob Richardson).
       mischievous relish. In what other       Many contributions point out that
       publication would it be possible to fi nd   outrageousness is in the eye of the
       various egregious typefaces, alongside   beholder, and that tastes change over
       swastika borders and baptismal fonts?   time (Ron Prosser and John Easson). In
         When my copy of the PG Annual       fact I rather like Mike Perry’s ‘Ugly Face’
       Outrageous Fonts arrived I read it from   – the typeface he uses in his title, I
       cover to cover with a broad grin on my   mean! I also covet the nine-line fat-face
       face. It wasn’t just the humour, (though   much beloved of Peter Criddle’s Ericius
       Katherine Anteney’s Harold set me off   Press, which he prints beautifully at an
       laughing on the very fi rst page, as did   angle, bleeding off the page, but which
       Anke Ueberberg’s neon pink outrage    various historical type afi cionados
       towards the end) but it was wonderful   described as ‘truly disgusting’ and
       to see that the topic had inspired many   ‘painfully bad to the eye’.
       members to print more long-form         It was most enjoyable to see the
       text contributions than usual. Some   outrageous digital fonts that some
       explained their choice of ‘Outrageous’   members managed to fi nd online. The
       font (Chris Brinson’s love letter to a   silhouetted font Bizarro discovered

        Front Cover - Alan Brignull  Katherine Anteney      Win Armand Smith
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