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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

            he name of Vincent Figgins may   would be willing to do, I should be happy
            strike a chord with some of our   to answer any questions you have about the
       Tmembers.                             task.
         Figgins was a notable punch-cutter and     Odhams Press is a familiar name to
       type-founder; he is credited with designing   many – the company published, among
       the first Egyptian (slab serif) typeface,   other titles, the Ideal Home and Horse and
       which he named simply  ‘Antique’. He was   Hound magazines  before it was taken over
       born in 1766 in Peckham (south London)   by Fleetway Publications Ltd in 1961 and
       and died in 1844. The cover of this month’s   then becoming part of the IPC Group two
       magazine shows an ‘Epitome of Specimens’   years later. A name that may not be familiar
       from his catalogue, courtesy of Bob   is Greycaine, one of the several printing
       Richardson.                           and book manufacturing companies used by
         Some find his typefaces attractive; some,   Odhams. If – as I suspect – the name means
       I am sure, would call them ugly. Others   little to you, then you will learn much more
       would classify many of them as ‘outrageous’   from Adrian Towler’s article on page 186.
       and this, indeed, was the topic for the     Book production again comes to the fore
       2016 Publishing Group’s Annual. Claire   with the Branch report from Essex Branch
       Bolton, one of our former members, is well   on page 191. Indeed, both this and the
       qualified to review such a publication and   following two Branch reports give a good
       she does so on page 178. This is preceded   flavour of what members up and down
       by an introduction by Rachel Marsh, the   the country are getting up to. I clearly
       PG chairman. Following the publication   remember, during my earlier spell as
       of these two articles, I should not be at all   Editor, criticisms of Branch reports as being
       surprised to see a substantial increase in   little more than an elaborate description
       sales of the 2016 PG Annual!          of what the host had provided in the way
         You may remember that several issues   of refreshments. We have come a long way
       of Small Printer this year have carried   since then!
       official EC notices regarding vacancies to     Two more very interesting articles
       be filled. Response has been slow but the   complete this month’s offerings: a visit to a
       posts of Mailer and Membership Secretary   collection of Private Press books (a subject
       have now both been filled. Still outstanding,   dear to the heart of some of our members),
       though, is the need for an Editor. I cannot   and a potted history of what I may call
       carry on with this task after the end of the   ‘Printing on Ice’.
       year, especially with my new responsibility,     So, enjoy what we have here – and please
       so I urge you to consider whether this is   ask yourself whether you have it in you to
       something you could take on. There’s no   apply for the Editor vacancy.
       need to get involved with intricate layout
       details, as this is all taken care of; it’s more   Views expressed by individual authors are
       a case of receiving articles from members   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       and a little bit of proof-reading. If you do   All advertisements are accepted in
       feel that this is possibly something you   good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Bob Richardson’s page    the goods sold from the advertisements
       from the 2016 PG Annual. See articles on   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       pages 176 and 178.                    statements in any advertisement.
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