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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

       newly elected BPS Vice President, Dr   planing and locking up the forme.
       Paul Hatcher, just outside Reading.   However, despite exercising great
         When it was suggested that we       care, I had over tightened the quoins,
       should have it on a Saturday it had   and the chase no longer fi tted the
       seemed a good idea to actually        press! This was quickly corrected and
       have a go at printing something for   the three of us set about printing the
       the bundle. However, as the date      necessary 300+ copies for the bundle,
       of the meeting approached, so did     which only seemed to take us a few
       the heatwave, and the thought of      minutes.
       sweating away over an Adana 8x5 in      Getting perfect even pressure and
       the middle of the day in a steaming   inking requires much dexterity, but I
       hot garage, seemed less than          managed to convince Paul that if any
       attractive. A few Branch members had   copies fell short of his high standards
       sent their apologies for absence.     I will gladly admit that they were the
         So it was down to the three of us   ones that I had printed. Even though I
       who remained to roll up our sleeves   had worn old clothes for this event, I
       and tackle this onerous task . . .    left his printshop without even a spot
         In the event, some high cloud and a   of misplaced ink!
       gentle breeze changed the ambiance      Afterwards we sat in the shade
       completely! If you haven’t seen Paul   resting, with some lovely salad
       at work, he is very fastidious, and both   dinners and fruit cocktails, and
       Helen and myself learned a lot that   Helen told us that it had been one of
       day about what is required if you wish   the nicest afternoons that she had
       to join the ranks of the Sussex Cup   experienced this year.
       winners. Paul has won four out of the
       last fi ve of these!                                    Chris Daniells  (5734)
         It was back to basics for me, with
       a plan being initially sketched to    South Wales Branch
       show the size, content and layout,
       something I all too often overlook.   June Meeting
       Then on to select a font or two
       from Paul’s ever increasing stock of       ur June meeting, courtesy of Dom
       typefaces. You don’t actually need to      Hartley, consisted of a visit to the
       have this much type, but text setting  OHQ of Lexon Group, at Crumlin
       is Paul’s forte. Now on to composition:   near Pontypool.
       we all had a go at this, setting a      Nine members had a fascinating tour
       line or two each, with me using a     of this progressive company, which with
       composing stick for the fi rst time in   80 staff specialises in the printing and
       years! Setting-sticks, pre-determined   production of packaging, display and
       column width and nice clean alloy     point-of-sale material for a wide range
       furniture. Not being content with this   of industries. Lexon is remarkable for its
       meticulous work, Paul introduced      ability to bring innovation and creativity
       dynamic letter spacing as well.       to a wide range of challenges, using
         After it was all set, he elevated   the latest technology and with a strong
       me to the position of ‘stonehand’ for   emphasis on self-reliance by keeping
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