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Branch Reports

       Essex Branch                          bit of a gamble when it comes to sales
                                             achieved. Prices in excess of £500 per
       A visit to the Fox Ash Press          copy were mentioned, and considering
                                             the amount of work which has gone
            y kind invitation of the owner,   into the edition this price is actually very
            David Jury, we were invited to visit   modest.
       Bthe press and enjoy a talk on high-    The actual press in current use at Fox
       quality book production and letterpress   Ash is a Vandercook proofi ng press, and
       limited editions by the vastly experienced   the simple interior of the work shop
       proprietor.                           belies the complexities of the fi nished
         For most of his working life David   product.
       has been a graphic designer and art     We also had an added bonus in
       publisher of world acclaim. Thanks to our   the form of Ed Gold, a world-class
       Chairman Len Friend we were invited to   photographer who is currently enjoying
       get a glimpse into the exclusive world   a season at Colchester’s First Site
       of limited edition letterpress publishing.   Gallery. Ed is an inveterate globe trotter
                                             and has been used by the BBC for
                                             his photographs of Afghanistan. He is
                                             currently ‘homeless’, as he needs to be
                                             able to go anywhere in the world at a
                                             moment’s notice. A true adventurer in
                                             the old style, but with a very modern
                                             outlook and technique, which results in
                                             some wonderful images. A fascinating
                                             man to talk to as well. Try Googling ‘Ed
                                             Gold’ to see a sample of his work.
                                               Our little group of four members was
                                             smaller than usual due to the impact
            The Fox Ash Vandercook Press
                                             of the holiday season, but it was a real
       The book as ‘Art Object’ is a way of   privilege to see the press and learn from
       looking at this pinnacle of Art Publishing.   its owner and his experiences, in the
       To command the high prices of extreme   upper echelons of fi ne art publishing.
       limited editions necessitates an intimate     Thank you, David, for your time and
       knowledge of the way in which the     patience.
       great American seats of learning acquire
       their material for the superb libraries in              Alan Brignull (4800)
       America. The fi nal product of the book is
       designed to be the very best in graphical   Maidenhead Branch
       excellence, combined with an impressive
       and exclusive binding. David explained   July Meeting
       the secrets of the papers and inks used,
       and the amount of work required for the   n all honesty, I was not looking
       fi nished book. This sort of publishing is   forward to our meeting on 1 July
       not for the faint-hearted, and is often a   Ithat was being held at the home of
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