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Diary of Events

          Saturday 19th August               Tuesday 10th October
          Essex Branch                       Surrey & Sussex Branch
          Visit to the Haven Press, Holland-on-Sea.  Meeting at Peter Scarratt’s, Crawley.

          Wednesday 23rd  August             11th to 13th October
          Dorset Branch                      The Print Show
          Meeting at Whitcombe Stables, Dorchester.  The International Centre, Telford.
          Saturday 2nd September
          Prestival                          Saturday 14th  October
          The Whittington Press, nr Cheltenham,   Executive Council Meeting
          Gloucestershire, GH54 4HF          The Raven Hotel, Hook, RG27 9HS.

          Sunday 3rd September               Wednesday 18th  October
          Essex Branch Roadshow              Dorset Branch
          Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome, Maldon.  Meeting at Whitcombe Stables, Dorchester.

          Tuesday 12th September             Thursday 26th  October
          Surrey & Sussex Branch             South Wales Branch
          Meeting at Mark Mitchell’s, Dorking.  Visit to Rare Books collection, Cardiff Uni.
          Thursday 14th  September           31st October to 3rd November
          South Wales Branch                 IPEX
          Visit to letterpress print-shop, Pontrilas.  NEC, Birmingham.
          15th to 24th September
          Brighton Print Fair                Saturday 11th November
          10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB.  Sheffi eld Print Fair
                                             St Mary’s Church & Community
          Monday 18th September              Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffi eld.
          Maidenhead Branch        
          Meeting at Anke Ueberberg’s, Reading.
                                             Tuesday 14th November
          Wednesday 20th  September          Surrey & Sussex Branch
          Dorset Branch                      AGM at Libby & Chris’s, Merstham.
          Meeting at Whitcombe Stables, Dorchester.
                                             Wednesday 22nd  November
          Monday 2nd October                 Dorset Branch
          Maidenhead Branch                  Meeting at Whitcombe Stables, Dorchester.
          AGM at Dorothy Sydenham’s, Thame.

          Branch meetings are open to all Society members. Anyone who plans to attend a
          meeting who is not a member of the Branch concerned should check with the
          Branch Secretary in case details have changed.

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