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adviser on paper to the Ministry of   engineers for maintenance. Facilities
       Munitions, later being made Deputy    for staff included mess rooms
       Controller of Paper in 1918. By 1922 he   with meals provided at net cost, a
       was a Conservative MP.                dance and concert room, football
       Move to Watford                       ground, tennis courts, rest room and
         The Company moved from Islington    accident department. Greycaine Book
       to Bushey Mill Lane, Watford, in 1926.   Manufacturing achieved an impressive
       The main reason given was the need    output, producing books both for its
       for larger premises but Frank Grey also   own publishing company – the Readers’
       pointed to Union issues. After the move   Library Publishing Company – and for
       he wrote: “I shall continue to run this   other well-known publishers, such as
       factory (in Watford) as an open shop,   Odhams.
       open to both Union and non-Union      The Readers’ Library
       workers. I closed the factory at Laycock     The aim of the Readers’ Library was
       Street because the workers did not play   stated as being “to bring the best-
       the game.”                            known novels of the world within the
       The 20-acre site near Watford North   reach of the millions, by presenting at
       Railway Station had its own railway   the lowest possible price per copy, in
       sidings, connecting
       with the main line from
       Euston, thus enabling
       fast and easy deliveries
       to and from the works.
       The site had been
       used as a munitions
       factory during the First
       World War, and already
       contained some large
       wooden buildings,
       although these were
       replaced with stronger
       and less fl ammable
       structures as quickly
       as possible. The works
       were rapidly equipped
       with all the machinery
       necessary for carrying
       out the many processes
       involved in the mass                      Greycaine Trinity Mirror
       production of books, and
       everything, from setting to the delivery   convenient size, on excellent paper, with
       of completed books, was done on the   beautiful and durable binding, a long
       premises.                             series of the stories, copyright and non-
         Greycaine also had its own staff    copyright, which everyone has heard of
       of builders and carpenters, and       and could desire to read”.
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