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and it was purchased by the university   Britain’s ‘Golden Age’ of private presses
       in 2010.                              from the 1890s to the Second World
          There are books by all the major   War.
       presses of the Arts and Crafts movement,      They were studied by apprentices in
       including publications from William   the fi rst half of the twentieth century
       Morris’s Kelmscott Press, Golden      and are worth studying by printers
       Cockerel Press, Doves Press, Cuala Press   today, especially those like myself who
       and St Dominic’s Press. The collection   aspire to combine letterpress and hand-
       excels, both in terms of quantity (there   cut illustrations in the tradition of the
       are around two thousand items), and   Golden Age.
       quality, holding the best of the work of

                    An Important Message from your
                           Membership Secretary

          I will be stepping down from this position at the end of August after more than 5
          very busy and interesting years. I have enjoyed relieving you of your hard earned
            cash by way of Membership Subscriptions and would like to thank the many
           members who have expressed their appreciation by sending me cards, letters,
           emails, and posh chocolates. I look forward to meeting or corresponding with
              many of you in the future, all existing conversations will be continued!

            All payments made by post should be sent to me as usual until 28th August.
                         Here is the Important Part:
                      NEW MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY
            From 1st September please welcome Chris Green as your new Membership
           Secretary. All payments sent by post on or after 29th August should be sent to:

                                    CHRIS GREEN
                            BPS MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY
                                  ROCKSHAW ROAD
                                MERSTHAM, REDHILL
                                       RH1 3DB
          All other details remain unchanged, please see Membership News on page 190.

                                                              Margaret Rookes

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