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accent and he said “the only thing that
                                             impedes the progress in the development
                                             of this machine is the speed of light”
                                             (think Peter Cook). It was the ultimate in
                                             modern printing machinery and probably
                                             defunct in about 15 years, but others
                                             will know better than me! However, I am
                                             guessing that even the printing industry
                                             did not conquer the speed of light.
                                               We had many excellent tutors including
                                             Richard Bawden, son of Edward Bawden RA,
                                                     Equal Rights Poster 1988

                Falklands Poster 1984
       astonishment as we looked down on the
       roundabout below us and started to see
       decorative buses not dissimilar to the
       ones we sweated over!
         We also had sessions down in the
       print rooms in the main building. There,
       amongst other things, we learnt the art of
       typesetting. Sadly I obviously did not pay
       enough attention to the different printing
       techniques: my favourite was on glass,
       and I still have an example somewhere. A
       very memorable moment was looking at a
       new photo-typesetting machine. Upstairs
       the tutors wore jumpers and jeans but in
       the print room they wore brown coats.
       The teacher on this occasion (in a brown
       coat) had a rather fl at voice and a cockney

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