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|  Paul Peter Piech |                          |  Win Armand Smith (10716)  |

            rom 1969 to 1972 I was a student at
            the London College of Printing doing
       Fa Dip AD in Graphics. The building
       that housed LCP was at the Elephant and
       Castle roundabout, and we had studios
       on the 10th, 11th and 12th fl oors. I went
       back recently with an old LCP friend,
       Harold Batten, and we stood and looked
       at the totally changed view in amazement.
       We were lucky to have been relatively
       high up before the skyscraper invasion of
       London: St Paul’s still stood out then as
       the prominent building of the city.
         Our course was tutor-led. We had
                    1979 Poster

                                                         1971 Poster
                                             different teachers each day, so we had a
                                             rolling programme of four or fi ve projects
                                             going at once. Examples of these are
                                             amongst dozens that have got lost in
                                             the mists of time. Looking back now I
                                             can see that many of the projects were
                                             probably related to professional work
                                             that our tutors were doing in their other
                                             jobs. In one we were asked to design
                                             decorative London buses: they were to
                                             advertise attractions around London such
                                             as Kew Gardens, the Tower of London,
                                             etc. We were amazed – buses used to be
                                             red with a band of advertising between
                                             the lower and upper deck. Imagine our
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