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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

       Convention month!                     are one of the chosen few you have
                                             been fore-warned!
           n just a few weeks some of          Before I get too far ahead
           us will be getting ready to set   of  myself we have this month’s
       Iout on the road (or the rail) to     offerings to put before you. The
       Newport – Newport (Mon) as it         opening article is a first-hand
       used to be called, to distinguish it   account of a former tutor at the
       from the seven other Newports up      London College of Printing, Paul
       and down the country.                 Peter Piech. Rather a long article
         Somewhat confusingly, Wales         but I hope you will agree that it’s
       has two – the other, I suppose,       well worth reading. Then a follow-
       would be known as Newport (Pem)       up to Bob Richardson’s earlier tale
       as it is about 20 miles north-east of   about the famous ADANA signage,
       St David’s. Newport (IoW) might       as well as his continuing tales of
       be familiar to many, but Newport      articles from the St Bride Archives.
       (Essex), less than six miles north      Pat Swadling brings his
       of Stansted, may not be as well-      apprenticeship story to an end –
       known. The other three are all in     but don’t suppose for a moment
       the upper half of the country, close   that we have heard the last of him.
       by Telford, Lincoln, and Hull.        For a start, take a look at page 90,
         Assuming we all end up in the       where he describes a recent project:
       same county, we should have a         and, in answer to the question in
       most enjoyable weekend. Numbers       the last line, the answer is ‘yes’ . . .
       are good – what started as a tiny     watch this space!
       trickle has, during the past month,     Another tale of ‘how I started to
       become a veritable gush. And          print’ on page 88. No doubt many
       people are still booking as I write   of us have similar stories – similar
       (in the middle of March). There       but never the same, so what about
       will be many familiar faces there     sharing your story with us?
       and, just as importantly, a few new     See (some of) you in Newport
       ones. Sadly, some regulars will not   – and make sure you get the right
       be there and they will be missed.     one!
         The current plan is for the June
       issue of Small Printer to carry the
       majority of the Convention items.
       One of my tasks will be to try to     Views expressed by individual
       persuade many of those attending      authors are not necessarily the views
       to write a few words about their      of the Society.
       view  of the weekend – so if you      All advertisements are accepted
                                             in good faith, the Society cannot
                                             take responsibility regarding the
                                             condition of the goods sold from the
       Cover Image: ‘Nixon’, 1973 print      advertisements nor can it vouch for
       by Paul Peter Piech, see article on   the accuracy of any statements in
       page 76.                              any advertisement.
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