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       I and about 30 other boys had to sit a
       test to see if we had half a brain and
       were not colour blind. Employers with      we could be your
       apprenticeship vacancies then chose       best kept secret...
       who they wanted to interview. I had
       three interviews: one as a printer with a
       small fi rm of printers, mainly letterpress,   The quickest and easiest
       and another as a monotype keyboard      TRADE ONLY
       operator with a company called Belmont
       Press, who have become a very large     online ordering system for
       business over the years. Finally I was   NCR sets, books and pads
       interviewed by a large packaging
       company called Vernon Packaging. My
       surname being Vernon caused some
       confusion when I commenced work, as      Register now
       I was the only Vernon in the company.
       It was originally established in the      To access instant
       1920s as Vernon Press in Vernon Street,
       Northampton from which it took its        trade only prices
       name. There were about 200 employees
       and they had moved to brand new
       premises about two years previously and   £20 off your first order
       had nine large printing presses! I was   Just select BPS SMALL PRINTER when registering
       impressed. My father and I signed my
                                                  Produce In-House  Outsource to Print4Printers
       indentures (I still have this document)
       and I was signed up for fi ve years to           CARRIAGE  REPRO
       learn the art of printing.                        YOUR    P 4P  YOUR
                                                                 print for
                                                   PAPER  PROFIT      PROFIT  BPS Member No. 10735
         I continued to use my Adana for some                    PRINTED,
                                                                 FINISHED &
       small commercial work and kept it at my                 OUTSOURCE
                                                               O O O O
                                                                 IN 5-7 DAYS
                                                      LABOUR    TO P4P
       father’s factory, but sadly it was stolen.
       This left me a little heartbroken and my
       Adana printing came to an end until very   Our unique online ordering system gives
       recently when I bought an Adana 8 x 5   you instant quotes, and puts you in total
       and fell in love again with these great   control of your trade ncr outsourcing.
       little hobby presses.                   We print directly from the reel and pass
         I have many memories of my time in    the savings on to you.  In many cases we
       print and now work from home doing      can print and deliver for less than the
       graphic design and print management,    cost of the sheetfed raw materials.
       along with a little photography. I have
       met many great (and some not so great)   Print4Printers
       characters, printed many interesting    Unit F Salcombe Court  P 4P
       things and even attended a garden party   Meadow Lane Industrial Estate  print for
                                               Alfreton DE55 7EG
       at Buckingham Palace through print –    Tel: 01773 743621
       but more of that later.                 Email:
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