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machinery together with
                                                         a Typograph made by the
                                                         American John Rogers in
                                                          Anyone visiting
                                                         western France and who
                                                         has an interest in printing
                                                         – and that must surely
                                                         include all readers of the
                                                         Small Printer ! – would
                                                         undoubtedly enjoy a visit
                                                         to this splendid museum.
                                                         As ever, it’s worth
                                                         checking on opening
                                                         times and events online:
       letters, six eighteenth century composing
       stands and ten modern ones – all used     There is a car park just across the road
       by students of all ages who come to learn   and an escalator to access the museum.
       the craft of printing as well as practicing     It’s hoped next year that another
       artists and printers.                 printing museum may open near
         As well as a composition room there is   Orleans – if so, we’ll defi nitely be
       a gallery, a large machine room and an   making a visit.
       exhibition corridor. Courses take place in     Although you may not fi nd an English-
       calligraphy, illumination, bookbinding,   speaking guide when you arrive, the
       etching, dry point, lino-cutting,     language of books and printing is truly
       lithography and letterpress printing.   international and shared enthusiasm
       Children (of all ages!) are welcomed with   leads to easy communication!
       special sessions designed for 7 to 16 year
        Nantes’ fi rst printer arrived
       in 1493 (23 years after Paris)
       and the museum brings to life
       six centuries of the art of the
       book – including very early
       wooden presses, seventeenth
       century metal presses, a
       Columbian, a fi ne Stanhope
       together with treadle and
       machine platen presses.
         There is also a very large
       cylinder press made in France
       by J. Voirin in 1823.
         In the machine room,
       there is also a fi ne collection
       of linotype and monotype
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