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|  Adana Sign Saga - an update |                 |  Bob Richardson (9718)  |

           n June last year I reported on    sign will live on rather than ending
           the impending demolition of       up in a builder’s skip. Good news
       Ithe former Adana showroom            indeed.
       at 162 Grays Inn Road, and the          As to the future of number 162,
       uncertainty surrounding the original   it remains uncertain. Planning
       signage, which dates back to 1950.    permission has been granted for
       A couple of months ago I noticed      redevelopment, but a campaign
       that changes had been made to the     has been launched to save the
       shop frontage – the famous sign       block. A number of high-profi le
       was gone. A painted ‘Adana’ sign,     TV personalities, including many

       adopting the same logo style, had     ITN newsreaders, are campaigning
       replaced the steel-framed Perspex     to save Andrews restaurant which
       original, so I made enquiries as to   has stood on the same site for over
       the whereabouts of the original sign,   60 years. A decision in favour of
       commissioned by former owner          Andrews, one of London’s most
       Frederick Ayers.                      popular ‘greasy spoon’ cafeterias,
         The news is good. Mr Pravin Shah,   may yet benefi t Adana, although the
       lessee of the property, has opened a   likelihood of that distinctive sign
       new branch at 18 City Road, and the   being returned is very slim indeed.
       original signage has been transferred     Although Mr Shah’s company has
       to his premises there. It has been    no links with the existing Adana
       removed from the plywood backing      company, which is now a division of
       board, cleaned up and mounted         Caslon, it is reassuring to know that
       much more tastefully than it was at   the owners of the sign appreciate its
       162 Grays Inn Road. It seems that     value, and have decided to retain it
       despite the proposed demolition of    as a part of their new premises.
       the 1927 block, of which the Adana
       shop was the central feature, the
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