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       31st March 1915. He received numerous   circumstances’, perhaps reluctant to
       awards in his lifetime, including the   reveal that he had taken his own life.
       Royal Humane Society Medal for saving   Neat and precise in everything he did,
       a life off  the sea-coast, but OUP was his   Horace Hart maintained his impeccable
       life and he was a very reluctant retiree.   behaviour to the very end, leaving his
       The later years of his career were dogged   gloves carefully folded on the banks of
       with diffi  culties in industrial relations,   Youlbury Lake, near Oxford where he
       and major changes to the industry     ended his life in a watery grave on 9th
       he knew and loved were not easily     October 1916.
       accommodated. He was criticised for
       ‘losing his grip’ and one obituary stated,     Hart’s Rules continues to be
       perhaps unkindly, that he had outlived   published, although his name is
       his success. His enforced departure   now absent from the title and many
       from OUP did not come as a surprise   references to type-setting have been
       to his critics, but his retirement was   stripped from the content. It is now
       short. Suff ering from depression and   known as The New Oxford Style Manual
       without focus to his life, Horace Hart   and the latest edition appeared in May
       committed suicide at the age of 76.   2016. St Bride Library has a copy, of
       Trade press tributes simply described   course.
       his death as taking place under ‘tragic             Bob Richardson (9718)

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