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Any eligible* member may be nominated for a position on the Executive Council
to take of?ce from the 2017 AGM.

  The seven positions available are:

  A Nomination must be proposed and seconded by two eligible* members in
accordance with Rule 23 and sent so as to reach the Society’s Secretary no later
than 31st December 2016.

   *An eligible member is any paid-up voting Member who is over 18 years old
and has been a Member of the Society for at least 12 months.

  A sample Nomination Form can be downloaded from the website at


Members wishing to place any propositions before the 2017 Annual General
Meeting of the Society should submit them to the Secretary before 31st
December 2016. Such propositions must be in writing and signed by a proposer
and seconder, both of whom must be members of the Society.

                     THE ROSEN AWARD

The Rosen Award is given for the best publication printed jointly by Members of
a Branch of the Society.

  The printing and ?nishing must be done entirely by Branch Members who
must also be paid up Members of the Society. It is not necessary for every
Member of the Branch to participate, although as many as possible should be
involved in it’s production.

   Every sheet including the cover should be identi?able with the Member or
Press Name and BPS membership number on either the front or reverse.

   Fifteen copies should be sent to the Society’s Secretary to arrive by 15th
January 2017.

   Claims for reimbursement of carriage costs may be sent to the Society’s

                     THE COLES AWARD

The Coles Award is open to any young person under the age of 18. They should
submit ten copies of each of four different printed specimens that have been
their own work. Their parents or a member of the Society may offer supervision
only and should submit details of how the work was carried out.

  The competition is open to members and non members of the Society
  The winning entry will receive a shield to hold for twelve months along with
membership of the Society for twelve months. All entries should be sent to
the Society’s Secretary to arrive by 31st December 2016. The judging will be
undertaken by the Executive Council at it’s ?rst meeting of 2017.

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