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| Publishing Group Annual 2015 Reviewed | | Continued |

a much coveted weapon to be used in           Pleasure and it’s rival publication Printing
playing a popular video game.                 as a Hobby. This followed by a colourful
                                              item from Ron Rookes, printed for
  I lusted after ATF’s Souvenir when it ?rst  pleasure, using Arabesque Ornaments,
became available in the Sixties but it never  a digital print with a letterpress feel. The
was high enough on my wish-list to justify    next two pages return to letterpress from
the cost. Like many such faces it is now      George Webb, the ?rst is an apt quotation
available as a digital recreation but I see   printed in red on pink parchment type
from Ron Prosser’s page it is now known       paper, given added interest by being
as Soutane. The name is similar enough        printed on the angle. His ?nal page is a
to be the same place in an alphabetical       thesaurus of printing for pleasure printed
listing without breaching copyright.          black and orange.

  Ron’s beautifully presented eight             Peter White repeats a quotation for
pages include mention of an Intertype         Harry Carter’s book about Fournier which
book, Some Type Personalities, he was         was presented by John Ryder in the
presented with when an apprentice and         postscript to his Printing for Pleasure
the wisdom covered within its pages. He       with a colourful engraving of a heralding
also acquired What a Compositor Should        angel. The volume is rounded off with
Know - The Art and Practice of Display        John Holmes’ Roll of Honour listing the
which he has found to be invaluable           contributors to Publishing Group Annual
reading over the years. He illustrates        and its predecessor Small Printing.
some of the examples on Style with copy
extracts from the book, still good advice to    The Publishing Group Annual is the
this day.                                     revised name for the earlier annual
                                              cooperative formerly known as Small
  Bob Richardson gives us an insight into     Printing.
his introduction to printing and shows
three cover illustrations of Printing for

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