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| Publishing Group Annual 2015 Reviewed || Fred Eagles |

Printing for Pleasure came out in              attractive digital face I do not recognise.
       1955, written by John Ryder who         Alan Brignull’s leaf is neatly hand-set in
       was a self-taught amateur printer       Plantin with another old cut of a galloping
and a professional book designer. It came      horseman complete with post horn. He
out in the post-war years when paper and       re?ects on how the second edition of
printing ink was becoming more available       John Ryder’s book from 1976 set him on
to the man in the street. It enthusiastically  the path to messing about with an Adana.
revived an interest in private press           Chris Brinson obviously enjoys printing for
printing and this book set many of the         pleasure by hand setting and presenting
Society’s early members on the path to         some of his collection of Victorian and
self publishing, and a number on to a          Edwardian types.
productive career.
                                                 Peter Criddle reproduces a facsimile of a
  The Publishing Group celebrated              small booklet ?rst printed in Switzerland in
the sixtieth anniversary of its ?rst           the late nineteenth century by the stepson
appearance by choosing Printing for            of Robert Louis Stevenson with verses
Pleasure as the theme for this year’s          by his stepfather. Young Lloyd enjoyed
cooperative publication. Fifteen PG            printing small commercial items for local
printers contributed two dozen pages           businesses in and near Davos; this booklet
Wire-o bound into an A5 landscape format.      is cleverly secured within the con?nes of
George Webb sets the pace with a title         Peter’s page so as not to be lost in transit.
page on a cream Glastonbury Wove paper
with the title in 24 point Thorne Shaded         John Easson is another member who
and an ancient cut of a compositor at the      admits that Printing for Pleasure set him
case rack.                                     on the path to buying the Adana Quarto
                                               press which established his press name.
  The List of Contributors and the             His page is set in Bell and decorated with
binding is by Ron Rookes in a quite            an ATF Troyer ornament of an open book

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