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| From The Editor |                                  | |Chris Green (7614)

It seems only a short while          of Branch reports, this month
      ago that we were enjoying      from Dorset, Surrey & Sussex,
      beautiful sunny weather        and Lincolnshire; and on page
and it was still light at 9.00 p.m.  264 our Librarian reviews a new
All too soon we have reached         addition to the Society Library.
November and it won’t be long
before we start making plans           You will have read, over the
for Christmas (if you haven’t        past few months, much about
already begun). Gone – for a         the Publishing Group. Did you
few months, anyway – are the         know that each year the Group
long hours in the printshop,         produces its own publication,
producing another masterpiece        copies of which are offered for
or just simply tidying up the        sale? This was formerly called
place.                               Small Printing (for obvious
                                     reasons) but it now rejoices in
  Meanwhile, we have another         the rather more prosaic title of
issue of Small Printer for your      the Publishing Group Annual.
delight.                             Fred Eagles, who has reviewed
                                     many such offerings over the
  I felt that the front cover this   years, writes about the current
month is decidedly striking.         volume.
As you can read at the foot of
this page, this was produced as        Earlier in the year, and perhaps
an advertisement, but using a        more than once, I have suggested
particular technique, of which       that you might care to write
Bob Richardson gives more            something for others to enjoy
detail on page 258. Kevin Thorp      in this magazine: and I went so
(the secretary of the Overseas       far as to offer a useful memory-
Branch) starts his life story on     jogger in that you could pick the
page 256; I’m sure that parts        month in which your birthday
of this will ring a few bells        fell. Nobody yet has taken me
with some of our readers, but        up on this idea, unless we have
you’ll have to wait until next       a very unusual membership who
month to find out about Kevin’s      were all born in November or
transformation from a well-          December. How about it?
balanced member of society
(his words, not mine). Another       Views expressed by individual authors
episode from the career of Pat       are not necessarily the views of the
Swadling appears later in the        Society.
magazine: Ludlows, this month.       All advertisements are accepted
                                     in good faith, the Society cannot
  We have our usual selection        take responsibility regarding the
                                     condition of the goods sold from the
Cover Image: Advertisement for       advertisements nor can it vouch for
Winstone’s Matoyl inks, printed in   the accuracy of any statements in any
eight colours. See the Jean Berté    advertisement.
article on page 258.
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