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| Branch Reports |                              | |Continued

the weather changed with the grey               Glint (aimed particularly at those of
drizzle making way for a torrential             us who were mysti?ed by the recent
downpour. There was nothing for it but          article in Small Printer and who had not
to hold the meeting in Paul and Wendy’s         heard of it before). Out of his treasure
workshop, rather than their beautiful           trove of type he produced a range of
garden.                                         different borders, some Glint but many
                                                other fonts, and passed round various
   So we tucked in to Wendy’s ?ne               booklets and samples showing beautiful
food, stopping between courses to               and imaginative use of borders in
                                                typographical design. He also produced
              Paul and Wendy Warne              a couple of printing ‘mystery objects’,
hold a hurried, but proper, branch AGM.         one of which still remains unidenti?ed.
Later in the afternoon ex-BPS member            The other was a set of a small composing
Martin Adkins showed up, turning the            stick and galley, which he said was about
topic of conversation by showing us an          a hundred years old and which would
interesting 1930s Adana advertisement,          have been used by ‘tramp printers’ who
and after discussing the branch’s               were mainly employed by newspapers,
proposed Rosen Award entry, we made             so the stick was the width of a
our way home in the still pouring rain.         newspaper column.

                          Mike Edwards (10374)    While munching our refreshments we
                                                discussed arrangements for our Print
Surrey & Sussex                                 ’n’ Paper event, which will take place in
Branch                                          Merstham on Saturday 25th March 2017.
                                                Further information will appear in the
October Meeting                                 magazine and as bundle items over the
                                                coming months, but please put the date
We were delighted to have                       in your diary and come along to enjoy an
           seven of our eight Branch            interesting and sociable day as well as
           members, including our latest        supporting one of the few Branch Open
recruit, Rebecca Hurn, present when             Days that still take place.
we met at Peter Scarratt’s home in
Crawley on Tuesday 11th October.                   Finally we talked about alternatives
Peter entertained us with a talk about          to meeting on Tuesday evenings, which
268                                             especially in wintertime can be a
                                                deterrent to attendance as, like most
                                                branches, our membership is spread over
                                                quite a wide area. We decided to try to
                                                include some daytime Saturdays in next
                                                year’s programme.

                                                  We thanked Peter Scarratt for his
                                                interesting talk and demonstration, and
                                                for his hospitality.

                                                   Our next meeting is our Branch AGM
                                                at Chris and Libby Green’s house on
                                                Tuesday 15th November.

                                                                               Libby Green (7614)
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