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Branch Reports

Dorset Branch                                setting his lay pins, and how he takes his
                                             ?rst impression on paper or using hard
September Meeting                            copy carbon paper. He uses a bodkin to
                                             mark the corners of the page or a nifty
Ron and Jean Watson, Robin Munday            little gadget called a tympan stabber
       and Win Armand Smith represented      that he purchased from a company in
       the Branch at the memorial service    America. He also uses Henry pins or lay
for Bob Edwards in Fleet. He was a well-     gauge pins.
respected and active member of the
Society and as he was Vice President,           He also gave us a little pot of ?ne
Jean gave a ?tting tribute on behalf of the  glue, again from the States, which was a
BPS.                                         gelatinous paste smelling of ammonia.
                                             This can be used in minute amounts to
   Once again part of our meeting was        stick down tissue to bring small patches
taken up with a lengthy discussion on        of type that are not printing consistently.
possible venues, activities and speakers     It was a multi-purpose glue too: you can
for the 2018 convention. In order to keep    use it to bring up wood type with paper
costs down we talked about various           underneath and as an alternative to
possible formats and there will no doubt     rubber ?ngertips to pick up paper.
be much more to discuss on the subject
in the future!                                  It was a most useful talk and, as usual,
                                             George inspired us to print better!
  There is no further news on our access
to Whitcombe and our meeting room                                Win Armand Smith (10716)
above the racing stables, so for the time
being we will continue to meet there.        Lincolnshire and
We changed the date of the October           District Branch
meeting pub lunch to 23 October, 12.30
for 1.00 p.m.                                September Meeting

   George Webb then gave us a talk on        Lincolnshire and District Branch’s
‘make-ready’ which we all found a bit of           summer barbecue is traditionally
a revelation.                                      held early in September. By this
                                             time of year the nights have just started
   George has various combinations of        to draw in, but the weather is generally
paper, card, acetate, tissue paper and       warm and sunny enough to enjoy an
?ne glue that he uses to get the best        outdoor meal. So despite weather
possible impression.                         forecasts for torrential rain to start the
                                             minute we arrived in Louth, we were all
   He brought along several examples of      hopeful of a nice sunny afternoon. The
his varied combinations of oiled manila,     overcast two-hour drive up to Louth was
150 gsm paper, followed by a number of       peppered with comments such as “It
sheets from catalogues for consistency       looks a bit brighter in the direction we’re
and if he needs hard packing he adds a       heading” and “What do the Met Of?ce
sheet of acetate. His aim is for a ‘kiss’    know anyway?”
impression, not indentation. Each set of
the combined packing was illustrated           Then as soon as we arrived in Louth
with a ?nal print.
   George told us his various ways of
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