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usually other than where it should go.          The Ludlow operators weren’t
   On the Ludlow, because of your close      immune from making setting mistakes,
                                             despite only setting headlines. Even in
proximity to the metal pot, it could come    36pt and 48pt these could very easily
straight towards your face and hands if      happen, and although we had excellent
you didn’t move out of the way quickly       Readers, now and again the odd error
enough. Often you realised something         could slip through, often causing
wasn’t quite right, but occasionally if the  amusement in the Letters to the Editor
machine overheated, for instance, the        column next day. Having said that, the
splash came as a surprise.                   errors weren’t always the comp room’s
                                             fault; the Sub Editors played their part
   This meant until the molten metal,        too.
which hardened very quickly, was
removed the machine was inoperable              The following are some examples
and the engineer had to be called. He        which did get through. These are not
would come and inspect the damage,           made up headlines – they really did
give a few choice words about how            appear in the paper
busy he was without you causing more
trouble, and disappear back to his room            “Stabbed Midshipman is not
to collect the necessary tools.                    serious”;
                                                   “Soton wife in cupboard: Jury out”;
   The equipment the engineer returned             “Wild oats present increasing
with usually gave a fair indication of             problem in Hampshire”;
how long the clearing job was going to             “Flower show de?es description”;
take (and if the Overseer needed to be             “Port fairy had a screw loose”;
informed). A hammer and screwdriver                “Keep sex indoors say Paris police”.
meant it wasn’t too bad, a hammer,              To be fair, the Sub Editors were only
screwdriver and a blowtorch to melt          human and very busy people. I can’t
the metal meant real problems on every       remember how the Chief Sub reacted,
front, particularly at press time! If the    though.
other Ludlow went wrong for any reason
… enough said.

| Adana TP48 crescent |                      | Ron Watson (6955) |

It has often been said that within           to supply their need! Ted Sparrow
     the BPS there is a wealth of            advises that he made some of these
     information and creative abilities      many years ago and Geo?rey Hulett
just waiting to be tapped.                   says he has a stock of these available.
                                             He is willing to provide one at a cost of
   Well, it has been proven to be true       £5 post free.
once again.                                  So there you are, the members have
                                             come up trumps again.
   My initial request for information
regarding TP48 crescents (see p189,             If you would like to contact Geo?rey
August 2016) has produced a few              and purchase a spare crescent, contact
replies from members who would like          him by email at:
to have one of these items and also
a couple of emails from people able

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