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| Making a Splash on the Ludlows | | Pat Swadling (10453) |

One thing I quickly discovered as             of faces, it took a while. The condensed
          an apprentice was that, like it or  versions could easily catch you out if you
          not, you can be moved around        were in a hurry, and you usually were.
the comp room very easily, if that’s what
the Overseer decides. I also learnt that         For anyone who has never used a
even if you were happy where you were,        Ludlow (and if you have, bear with
arguing with your boss was not really a       me), it is not dissimilar to a Linotype,
good idea.                                    as it uses brass mats and a heated pot
                                              containing molten metal. The main
   So, it seemed in next to no time, it was   di?erence is that the Ludlow line of

deemed I should learn how to work the

“cLmouhAmbdmlpfoaeslwrhfomomaeoraawqncanuhmimitnntteteaos,te.iwmAtrhpcrritlcue,weea,ashllosaryraIIctwlwtasairaospscnnneo’tunrm’twdotthooleadtbseorcrllltteoriyypvemetbiehaswsrasetetdidnapomsrt,ninrickaveesdoeestf vvaasraryelitnrgismyizes,e!”
                                              depending on the size of the headline.

concerned to move, plus the Ludlows              Apart from the typefaces, there were
involved setting type.                        several other important things to learn
                                              very quickly, because if you didn’t get
   We had a couple of Ludlow machines,        them right it could be quite dangerous
which were used mainly for setting the        to the operator (you). Most important
headlines and the occasional odd line in      of these things was where to put the
display advertisements. It was certainly      ‘special break’ in x3 and x4 column
far more rushed than the comps, the           headlines. This break had to be inserted
headlines were needed immediately,            between the brass letter mats in exactly
compared to the adverts often being           the correct position, otherwise you could
made up several days in advance.              and did cause a splash.

   One of the ?rst things to learn were          What was a splash and why was it
the typefaces, so you could correct           dangerous? A ‘splash’ on the Ludlow
any errors when the proofs came back          and, for that matter, a Linotype machine
from the readers (because they seldom         is when the machine sends molten metal
attached the original piece of copy with      squirting out in various directions,
the proof) . As there were rather a lot

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