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| Planarity |                                | |Paul Jay (9475)

Method for checking
                   of a platen press

Some time ago someone showed                 me his expensive type-high gauge, but
       me an old Adana 8x5, with which I     I really wanted to verify that dimension
       had great trouble getting an even     at several points simultaneously, and
print with a full chase. At first I thought   in a dynamic situation under pressure.

it might be that the ink disc was dished     I was not keen to invest in 4 of those
or something, but it turned out that the     gauges! So out came the thinking cap.
frame was cracked and so the pressure
was not uniform. Some years later I             Even more years ago, when I drove
bought a used 8x5 and wanted to check        my secondhand Mini into a flooded
if it had the same problem, or indeed        corner in Northamptonshire, the
to see if the platen and typebed were        engine seized, and I embarked on a
actually parallel. A friend offered to lend  hands-on training course of rebuilding,
                                             grinding crankshafts etc. This is where
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