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| From The Editor |                                          | |Chris Green (7614)

Sadly, we have to report the death           introduced to the BPS by Tony Hanscomb,
       of another of our members: inside     who was Vice-President at the time: I
       these pages you will find tributes to  wrote at length about our friendship
and memories of Stephen Gill, who died a     shortly after his death.
few weeks ago.
                                                What’s your story? Were you attracted
   Not many of you will have met him. He     by the E&M advertisements? Was
lived on the Isle of Arran – not a place     your career in printing? Were you (are
at the forefront of the British tourist      you?) fascinated by the creativity and
industry. He wrote some articles for the     satisfaction of a job well done? Whatever
Overseas Branch Newsletter – but again,      your route into the Society, please share it
not many of you will have seen those.        with other members.

   He had intended to come to this year’s       If you were able to attend the
Convention, having greatly enjoyed the       Convention last month it may already be
company of other members at Montrose         a distant memory – on the other hand you
last year. Indeed, I had the privilege of    may still be wondering why you bought
talking to him on the phone only a matter    that particular piece of equipment in the
of days before he died. The Society is a     auction. Next month’s Small Printer is
little poorer for his departure.             intended as a ‘Convention’ issue, and
                                             one of its purposes will be to give those
   The memories that John Easson             members who weren’t able to spend the
has of Steve bring a related matter to       weekend in Bristol a flavour of what the
mind: how were you introduced to the         rest of us enjoyed. So if you have any
Society? Many of us will remember the        fond memories, please send them to me
advertisements in Exchange & Mart,           so that they can be included. Anything is
that wonderful publication that seemed       fair game – comments on the weekend as
to contain something for everyone. (As       a whole, a brief report on one of the talks
an aside, E&M was published weekly           that you went to, what you thought of the
from 1868 to 2009 and even today it still    Saturday evening Banquet. If you wish me
continues as an on-line enterprise.) For     to withhold your name then I shall do so.
many years it included an advertisement      The deadline for contributions is, as usual,
from the Society (and no doubt one of you    13th May but I should greatly appreciate
will be able to put a precise figure on that  anything that arrives earlier than this.
span); during my time as Membership
Secretary one of the questions asked on
the Application Form was ‘How did you
hear about the Society?’ – and in two cases
out of three the answer was ‘E&M’.

   Not everyone followed this route,
though. In my particular case I was

Cover Photograph: Nick Hand
with his Adana Printing Bike at the
Bristol Convention. Look out for full
Convention reports in the next issue.
Photograph © Ron Rookes.

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