Page 5 - January 2016
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lion facing front-view, but I needed more    very efficiently too! The sheets for all
variety, so I added to this the same lion    ten books that had been ordered were
shown side-view, back-view and sitting       printed in about half-an-hour.
upright. By the time I had completed the
book, I had used 30 illustrations and filled    The cover was printed separately
33 pages. Immediately I realised that        because I was using a coloured board,
this wasn’t going to work because page       Mellotex 180 gsm, which I then matt-
sets have to be in fours, but it was soon    laminated. Having collated and folded
rectified by condensing some paragraphs       the pages, I added the covers and twin-
until I had ‘lost’ a page. My book was now   stapled the books using my Rapid 106
a very satisfactory 32 pages which would     electric stapler. 8mm staples were too
be printed duplex on 8 sheets of 160 gsm     long and would not sit right, but the 6mm
silk paper, plus a separate cover.           variety proved satisfactory and held the
                                             pages securely. All that was left to do
  The printing went surprisingly well        was to trim the edges on three sides and
with not a single misfeed or jam. My Oki     the books were finished.
laser printer is very fussy about being
told exactly the weight of the stock and        My customers were very happy with
exactly how it is to be printed, and it      the result and with what I charged them,
seems to be American in its setup. Was       and they now have a surprise present
the legal landscape sheet size I was         to give to their daughter this Christmas.
using Legal 13” or Legal 14”? Doing a        Just fancy unwrapping a parcel to find a
quick conversion to metric, I decided        book of stories that you had written back
on the latter, with the pages duplexing      in your childhood! I will be interested in
on the short edge. It all worked, and        some feedback.
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