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| Printing a Children’s Book |                 | |Bob Edwards (9527)

Istill receive occasional commissions          size. With paperback books, there isn’t a
   to print a book from scratch. This          lot of variation in the size of the text, but
   gives me a great deal of pleasure,          this was different. I was aiming at a new
though it is very time-consuming. I was        audience – children. With that in mind, I
surprised a month or two back when             eventually chose Gills Sans Regular 20pt
I was asked to print a children’s book.        for the body text and Gills Sans Bold
My customers were a couple who had             28pt for the titles. This gave a legible
a daughter who, at the age of about            result that was easy to read and looked
ten, had written some stories for her          attractive. Moreover, it filled each page
younger brother. The creative writing          at a convenient pace so that every story
was in several exercise books that lay         worked out to two or three pages.
in a drawer for twenty-five years until
they were taken out and dusted off.               Having placed the text on the pages, I
                                               then set about fitting in the illustrations
  The stories had been typed up and            that had been supplied. Since the
saved to a memory stick, together              child-author had only doodled amateur
with some illustrations from the public        pictures in the exercise books that
domain and from an inexpensive                 weren’t suitable for publication, I was
stock image website. The stories were          given a set of web images to use with the
collectively given the title “Leo the Lion”    stories that my customers had sourced.
and in total there were around 10,000          Not all of these were good enough
words and 20 illustrations. This was           quality and I had to spend time finding
not enough to make a perfect-bound             something with better resolution. I also
paperback book, and in any case, that          needed a wider variety of images to
would have been unsuitable for children.       make the stories more interesting. For
So I offered to try making a centre-fold       example, I started with one image of the
twin-stapled book using heavyweight
paper and the largest printing size
available on my new Oki ES-7411 colour
laser, which is legal landscape 356 x 216 mm.

  This was a complete departure from
my usual sub-A5 paperback book. The
Publisher template that I normally use
with two views of each page per A4
sheet was not going to work for this
commission, so I had to start with a new
template and left-hand/right-hand pages
to make a folded, stapled book. When
finished, the closed book size would be
175 by 210 mm allowing for skimming
off on all three sides; this seemed a good
size for children to hold and the larger
page size gave more scope for placing
the text. Having set up the new template,
the next challenge was to choose a
suitable typeface and decide on the point
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