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Small Printer  Issue No. 613 January 2016

   Published by the British Printing Society founded in 1944 by William Brace

   Executive Officers                                 Non-Executive Officers

   President: Jean Watson                            Editor: Chris Green

   19 Hillbrow Road, Bournemouth, BH6 5NT            Noddyshall, Rockshaw Road, Merstham,
   01ɩ0ɩ 4ɩ964ɩ                                      Redhill, RH1 3DB                           01737 644145
   Vice President: Bob Edwards
                                                     SP Design: Ron Rookes
   Chelston House, The Street, Crookham
   Village, Fleet, GU51 5SH                          01ɩ45 611484
   01ɩ5ɩ 615439                            
                                                     Membership: Margaret Rookes
   Secretary: Peter Salisbury
                                                     57 Craiston Way, Chelmsford, CMɩ 8ED
   4 Doran Drive, Redhill, RH1 6AX                   01ɩ45 611484
   01737 71861                            
                                                     Mailer: Ron Rookes
   Treasurer: Robin Munday
                                                     57 Craiston Way, Chelmsford, CMɩ 8ED
   Printers Patch, Dyke Hill, South Chard, TAɩ0 ɩPY  01ɩ45 611484
   01460 ɩɩ0819                            
                                                     Sales: Sandra Munday
   Councillor: Paul Hatcher
                                                     Printers Patch, Dyke Hill, South Chard, TAɩ0 ɩPY
   01189 6661ɩ4                                      01460 ɩɩ0819            

   Councillor: Ron Rookes                            Advertising: Ron & Jean Watson

   01ɩ45 611484                                      01ɩ0ɩ 4ɩ964ɩ            

   Councillor: Ron Watson                            Web Master: Ron Rookes

   01ɩ0ɩ 4ɩ964ɩ                                      01ɩ45 611484            

   PG Councillor:                                    Enquiries: John Easson

   Vacancy                                           018ɩ8 6ɩ8001              

   Copy Deadline                                     Librarian: Libby Green

   Copy must reach the Editor by .pm on           01737 644145
   the th of the previous month.         

   Bundle Items                                      PG Chairman: Peter White

   Members’ non commercial Bundle Items are          0144ɩ 866ɩɩ3
   inserted free of charge.  copies should be
   sent to the Mailer by the 2th of the previous
   month. Maximum size A or folded to same.         PG Mailer: Ron Rookes                                 01ɩ45 611484



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