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publications of recognised artistic  Dell’Orto (), Platen Tiegeldruk
and cultural value. In  they     (), a star lithography press by
introduced the Bodoni typeface.      Bollito and Torchio (), a 
                                     copperplate press by Paolini and
   The present owner, Giovanni       a cylinder transfer press from the
Ottavini, together with his wife     Werk Augsburg () are amongst
Adriana, continues the family        the many machines that are there
tradition. They have recently added  for you to see.
Lithography using stone plates and
etchings on copperplate, many of        There is another museum close
which he found on Portobello Road    by that is worth a visit: the linen
Market in London! They also bind     weaving museum, Tela Umbria.
and restore books.                   This has amazing original weaving
                                     hand-looms still producing ¿ne
   Today they have a thriving        linen for clothes and household
business producing a wide range      linens. The Municipal Art gallery
of printed matter, mostly using      also has some wonderful paintings
traditional printing techniques.     and frescos.
Equipment such as an Elia
                                                     Images © Win Armand Smith
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