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|  Making My Mark on the World 2 | |  Kevin Thorp (10244)  |
              any years passed, until the    and mentioned the catalogue to Ned. He
              April of 1977 by which time    said it was a booklet containing a list of
       MI had returned to live and           products made by the Adana Company,
       work as a teacher in Dublin. I had a   the same people from all those years
       friend called Ned Henry who offered   ago in the 1940s and 1950s who had
       me a lift into the city, where he had   claimed their products could print
       what he euphemistically referred to   books, billheads, dance tickets, etc.
       as an apartment. When we got to his     He told me he had just got a new
       rather rusty-looking Renault it refused   machine, an 8x5, and was I interested

                         Kevin with his original Adana 5x3 in his print shed.
       to start, as the battery was fl at. We   in purchasing his old one (a 5x3) for
       both got behind it and started pushing   £20. I told him I had never seen one and
       hard, and he suddenly jumped in to    would he mind taking me to his place
       stick it into second gear leaving me   to have a look at it. When we got there
       shouldering the back. Just as the car   we went in the apartment which was
       began to splutter and coughed into life I   a small bedroom. The machine was
       noticed something in the back window   inked up and half way through printing
       of his car: it was a green-coloured   200 business cards for a doctor or
       Adana Catalogue. Something stirred my   something of that nature. He showed
       memory from long ago. I jumped in the   me how to press down the handle
       machine myself and scrabbled around   fi rmly but not banging it hard and he
       for what was left of a broken safety belt,   went to put the kettle on in the kitchen
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