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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |
            he magazine that you are now     apprenticeship.
            reading is the twelfth issue that I     Something that comes around every
       Thave edited (recently). Thanks must   year at this time is your chance of
       go to Ron Rookes, who has taken on the   nominating a fellow member (or being
       task of arranging and displaying all the   nominated yourself) for a position on next
       material that you (well, a few of you) have   year’s Executive Council. The EC, as I am
       sent to me. I hope you agree with me that   sure you know, is the group of people who
       we have seen some excellent magazines   run the Society: t heir names appear on
       during the year.                      the inside front cover of each magazine. If
         It has been an eventful twelve months   you feel that the time has come for you to
       for the Society, especially with the Bristol   make a lasting contribution to the Society,
       Convention bringing many of us together.   see the notice on page 285.
       Very sadly, we have said a permanent     So that’s it for this year – oh yes, one
       farewell to several of our members: not   thing before I forget. Merry Christmas!
       least to our Vice President, Bob Edwards,
       who together with other members of
       the Maidenhead Branch was primarily
       responsible for the smooth running of that
         The front cover of this issue of Small
       Printer pays a  tting tribute to some of
       Bob’s work. The image is described in
       Bob’s own words on page 293. Following
       his death, many members wrote to or
       telephoned Jane and we have printed a
       message of thanks from her on page 286.
         An issue of our Society magazine
       without a contribution from Bob
       Richardson would be like an English
       summer without a swallow (to coin a
       phrase). Over the page you will  nd a
       fascinating story about something that all
       letterpress printers will have used at some
       time or another.
         As promised last month, Kevin
       Thorp continues (and completes) his
       transformation into a Black Art initiate
       (page 280). Continuing, too, is Pat   Views expressed by individual authors
       Swadling’s series of stories about his   are not necessarily the views of the
                                             All advertisements are accepted
       Cover Image: Detail from the 2015     in good faith, the Society cannot
       Christmas Card  designed and printed   take responsibility regarding the
       by the late Bob Edwards, reproduced   condition of the goods sold from the
       with the kind permission of Jane      advertisements nor can it vouch for
       Edwards. See page 293 for more        the accuracy of any statements in any
       details.                              advertisement.
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