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|  Tribute to Bob Edwards’ Work | |  Margaret Rookes (10701)  |
            ob’s interests were many         the west door is a beautiful stained glass
            and varied, including travel,    window that depicts winter activity in the
       Bphotography and gardening; these     Chamonix valley.
       were often combined in his                     The art-deco window is the
       design and production of very                work of French artist Louis
       high quality greetings cards. By             Baimet and was made in his
       kind permission of his wife Jane,            Grenoble studio in 1925. It is
       the front cover of this edition              dedicated to St Bernard of
       of Small Printer reproduces a                Menthon, Archdeacon of Aosta,
       detail from one of Bob Edwards’              who founded the l’Hospice du
       Christmas cards in which he used             Grand-St-Bernard in 1049. From
       his own photographs.                         the 17th Century onwards, the
         Bob’s own description of the               Monastery’s large breed of dog
       stained glass window shown is as             with the same name started
       follows:                                     saving the lives of travellers
         “Nestling in the shadow of                 stranded in snow drifts.
       Mont Blanc is the pretty town                  The window shows St Bernard
       of Chamonix. The Church of St                carrying the infant Jesus through
       Michael was built in 1709 and occupies   the passes across the Alps on the
       a central position in the town. Just inside   pilgrimage route from Geneva to Rome.”

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