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       a couple of pieces printed especially     All around us rare crafts were being
       for Thaxted: a bookmark, of which we   displayed and sold. We had a potter’s
       managed to disseminate 150 copies     wheel, sand art, calligraphy, stone
       to the visitors to our stand, and cards   engraving, wood turning, quilting, and
       printed from the original artwork by   many other old and unusual crafts not
       Jenny Brinson.                        often seen. I am glad to say that we
        The magnifi cent church of Thaxted,   had plenty of interest in our craft of
       with its fl ying buttresses supporting the   letterpress, and raised much interest in
                                             the British Printing Society.
                                               Proof positive that outreach displays
                                             do increase our membership came in
                                             the form of our two latest new members
                                             of the Essex Branch: we were visited by
                                             Sally and Russell Surrey from Clacton,
                                             who are shortly to join us on our displays
                                             when they have fully kitted up their
                                             printshop. They are awaiting the delivery
                                             of a splendid Vicobold, which was once
                                             owned by a BPS member, the late Robert
                                             Atkins. So watch this space for exciting
                                               We sincerely hope that we can pay a
                                             return visit to this splendid venue. Our
                                             society of friends had gained many more
                                             friends by the time the autumn sunshine
                                             faded through the stained glass windows,
                                             and we all went home tired but happy.
         The Mighty Press Genepy Common Press.
       great spire, is the place where Gustav                Chris. Brinson (10631)
       Holst (1874-1934) had composed the
       Planets Suite, while he was choir master.
       The hymn I vow to thee, my country was
       fi rst heard here and the tune is known
       simply as Thaxted. The stirring words to
       this great and noble hymn were written
       by Sir Cecil Spring Rice (1859-1919) and
       they made a splendid giveaway souvenir
       printed in letterpress.
        The fi fth and largest press joining with
       us was the huge Common Press known
       as The Press Genepy, run by Vicky Barton
       and Al. It was the crowning glory to our
       printing display and certainly made a
       major impression (pardon the pun) on the
       visitors to the craft fair.                    Mike Perry’s Sigwalt.
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