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|  Tim’s Workshop |                                    |  Kim Lowe (6026)  |
               hile we were holiday at the
               start of October, George
       Wand I popped in to see Tim
       Honnor in Inverness, and inevitably
       we went into his print shop. It is
       housed in the garage (not the only
       print shop taking the place of the
       car I am sure), and Tim has an array
       of equipment and type cases in all
         Central to the workshop is his
       wonderful treadle-operated Arab
       built in 1900, the machine which was
       taken to Belfast for the fi lm featuring      Tim Honnor and Kim Lowe.
       the Wypers Times. This machine is     and was fi xing up an Adana 8x5 for
       immaculate, and George and I both     Stirling University where he is helping
       had a go on it. It is so easy to use   set up a letterpress workshop.
       once you get it moving.                 I really enjoy visiting other print
         He also has a Model no. 3 under     shops, and it makes me realise
       one of the shelves like the one I     that ours looks reasonably tidy in
       inherited from my Dad, a TP48 Adana   comparison. Many thanks to Tim and
       and a Stevenson Blake proofi ng press,   Janet for their warm welcome.

                  Tim’s Type Cases.            Tim’s Arab as used in the ‘Wypers Times’.
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