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|  Unknown Plaque |                                   |  Len Friend (8988)  |
         n any long-established club or      equipment. One of the last items to go
                                                 was a superbly maintained Vicobold
         society you will always have            w
       Iolder members and the                        Press which, along with some
                                                       galley racks and boxes of
       BPS, which has already                          g
       celebrated its 70th year,                         f furniture, was purchased
       is no exception. The                               by a new member who,
       downside is, of course,                             as a very enthusiastic
       that one day we will all                             beginner, has now got
       go to the great print-                               the press on site and
       shop in the sky and                                  up and running.
       leave behind family,                                   Amongst the gems
       friends and sometimes                               discovered in the
       a range of printing                                 boxes was the plaque
       equipment for them to                              shown in the illustration.
       re-home.                                         It is solid brass, 8cm across,
         Last year one of our long-                   4.5mm deep and has green
       serving branch members passed              baize on the back. Can anybody
       away and over the past six months or so   give me any information about it or is it a
       we have helped his widow to dispose of   one-off?
       his collection of type, presses and binding

                          From Jane Edwards

          Jane wishes to thank all those members who have
          sent cards, letters of condolence and those who
          have telephoned, following the sudden death of her
          husband, Bob.

          They both enjoyed the friendship in the Society and
          meeting members at various Society events.

          Jane also thanks the Society for the donation made
          in Bob’s memory to The Okhle Village Trust in Nepal.

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