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|  Getting Stick: |                                        |  Continued  |
         This was all  ne, but by the time you   crowned by receiving a certi cate from
       had inked up and pulled all the proofs,   the Typographical Association, telling
       you didn’t mind if you never saw another   me I was admitted to the Guild of Young
       page advert, especially if the proo ng   Printers. I had arrived, or least I felt I had
       didn’t go well because you hadn’t pulled   . . .
       the handle over hard enough or missed
                                                             While writing these
                                                           apprenticeship articles
                                                           I thought it might be an
                                                           idea to brie y touch on
                                                           the company itself, after
                                                           all it was at the time one
                                                           of the largest provincial
                                                           newspaper publishers in
                                                           the country.
                                                             If you wanted a career
                                                           on a local newspaper the
                                                           Echo was the place to
                                                           be, either on the print
                                                           side, one of the editorial
                                                           departments, or
                                                           indeed the advertising
                                                             The company’s main
                                                           publications were the
                                                           Southampton Daily
                                                           Echo, the Bournemouth
                                                           Daily Echo and the
                                                           Dorset Daily Echo. They
                                                           also published various
                                                           free papers, plus owning
                                                           other smaller provincial
                                                           papers and several
                                                           printing  rms.
                                                             Always the collector,
                                                           I recently found a 1932
                                                           supplement to the
                                                           Dorset Evening Echo
                                                           at an antiques market
       a bit with the ink roller, and seemingly            and felt it  tted in
       dozens of other reasons. Believe me,   with these articles rather well. As you
       all these things happened with great   can see the advert is “of its time”. Sorry
       regularity and quite often the only thing   about the crease through the middle, but
       that wasn’t blue was the ink.         considering its age, the condition is not
         My time on the comps, though, was   too bad.
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